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Business Hours: 
Tuesday 4:00pm to 7:30pm
Thursday 12 noon to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 2pm


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Looking for Vendors
Spring 2024 In-DOOR
Train Show
Saturday March 23rd

9am to 1pm
  Call train shop for details



FREE Parking,  Admission $3.00
Not a big event but worth the time to check out the deals

*For table info call 717-866-6070*
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Taking Pre-orders from the Lionel 2024 Big Book Catalog.
Please contact the train shop via email

Exclusive Reading Locomotive Shops
T Shirts now available for purchase, Contact the train shop.
$17 each, 2XL and up $20
  Only available at Brian's Model Trains!!

Reading lines   black tee

Now taking orders for my custom painted freight cars.

O scale Anthracite Coal Co Hoppers
O27 Cement Hoppers
HO Scale Steel Mill Co Coil Cars (2 hoods)
HO scale Cement Hoppers
HO scale Steel Mill gondolas
HO scale Anthracite Coal Co hoppers
And more!!

Prices depends on the freight car and scale.
For pictures please click on the tab at left.
Place your order today....Message me, email me, call the train shop.
Yes I can and will ship your orders.
Stop by for Railpace Magazine, TRP Magazine, Classic Toy Trains Magazine, Morning Sun Books, John Pechulis DVDs and more!! 

More than just trains, we can help with most hobby items (Plastic Models, Model Rockets, etc)  stop by and ask how we can help you

Bargain Bin,
Used trains and more!!

Stop by and check out the Bargain Bin, filled with many different items all scales plus check out the used selection of trains in
O27 and HO scale

Brian's Model Trains
is a
Lionel Value Added Dealer

Pre-order your
Lionel items today
Lionel value added dealer
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Allentown First Frost Train Show tickets now available at the train shop

Early entrance tickets are $15 each, pick yours up today and check out the great items available at the train shop.
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Yes we can ship your items to you

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Railroad Prints available,  Choose from 7 different images size
16 x 20 all signed and numbered by artist Peter Lerro Jr.  

To purchase online, use the ebay link at left