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Tangent Scale Models
Freight cars
Gondolas, Boxcars, Covered Hoppers

Now In stockTangent Scale ModelsFreight carsGondolas, Boxcars, Covered Hoppers
In stock G43 gondolas in PC and PRR, covered hoppers in Western Maryland and D&H and X58 boxcars in Lehigh Valley and Penn Central

Lehigh Valley Railroad Best of Bob Wilt
Volume 3 now in stock. 
Volume 2 also available.

Lehigh Valley Railroad Best of Bob WiltVolume 3 now in stock. Volume 2 also available.

New DVD in stock....
Kantner Brothers Collection
Volume 3
Kantner Brothers Collection
Vol 1 & 2 also in stock

New DVD in stock....Kantner Brothers CollectionVolume 3Kantner Brothers CollectionVol 1 & 2 also in stock

In stock now...Athearn/Roundhouse
Norfolk Southern AC4400s Road # 4000, 4001, 4002 & 4003

now in stock...Athearn/Roundhouse Norfolk Southern 4000, 4001, 4002 & 4003